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An educational campaign that informs people what broadband is and why it is a necessity for everybody. This project involved designing the entire campaign: writing the script, developing the visuals, and animating the video. 

Format: Video, Social Media, Merch
Skills: Visual Identity, Motion Graphics, Social Media Strategy
Timeline: 5 weeks - Fall 2021


A 1-minute video that explains what broadband is and why it is a necessity.

Tools: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop


A social media stretegy that explains technical terms regarding broadband and highlights what people cannot do without it.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop


Free giveaways at community events that would appeal to my target audience, high school and college students.


Colors & Typpgraphy

My campaign is aimed at privileged teens and young adults who already have access to broadband, so I chose bright colors and playful collage in my visual system to appeal to this specific audience.

Rockwell is both inviting and grounded, perfect for an educational campaign. In addition, the hand-written custom type acts as a “voice” for the viewer, asking questions and highlighting certain information.


My video is information-heavy, so I needed imagery to help contexualize things and visualize data. I also wanted to invite viewers to watch something that may seem dull and irrelevant through playful scribbles and illustrations. 


The hardest part about this project is figuring out what my message is and who my target audience is. There are many ways to prompt people to take action, and the most effective is perhaps to trigger an emotional response. However, I realized during my research process that most people don’t know what broadband is, let alone take action on the lack of broadband accesibility. Therefore I chose to take an educational / informational approach. Some lessons I learned along the way:

  1. When I nail down my target audience, it is much easier to make design decisions, such as what messages and visual style would appeal to this specific audience.
  2. Don’t shy away from taking a stance on the issue because when the messaging isn’t clear the viewer would not know how to react. And the end result would not be a campaign.